Thursday, November 30, 2017

Holiday Gift Ideas: The Gift of Impeachment!

Just in time for the holiday season, March On's Fight Back PAC has opened the Impeachment Boutique with lovely holiday gifts! Their website says it all:

"Impeachment tops nearly everyone’s list to Santa this year–but we’ll never get it with the rubber-stamp Republican Congress calling the shots. That’s why we’ve opened the IMPEACH BOUTIQUE as a special holiday project of March On’s Fight Back PAC. We are working hard to take back Congress from the Republicans. We’ve launched a fundraising drive for $24 donations to help flip the 24 seats needed to put the Democrats in charge. If Special Counsel Mueller finds impeachable offenses, a Democratic Congress will act.

For the holidays, your $24 donation to March On’s Fight Back PAC becomes a Gift of Impeachment -- Donald Trump will receive a Christmas card in your name wishing him a Merry Christmas and a short-lived presidency. Want to give the Gift of Impeachment? Make donations on behalf of everyone on your holiday shopping list. And tell all of your friends and family to get the Gift of Impeachment, too!

The best part? The cards will be hand delivered en masse to the White House and to Trump Tower as our merry bands of carolers spread tidings of joy and impeachment throughout the land. The Resistance Revival Chorus will lead fellow resistance carolers to Trump Tower in a special candle-lit carolling session–join the revelry and add your voice to the Growing Chorus for Impeachment! Stay tuned for details about the postcard delivery caroling event at the White House!

A $100 donation will get you the best Ugly Christmas IMPEACH Sweater ever…..A sweater so fabulous that Putin will want to buy them for all of his oligarchs!"

Notice the Russian nesting dolls flanking the White House at the bottom of the sweater!

May this holiday wish come true! Happy Holidays!

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