Tuesday, November 7, 2017

"Soft Season" by Gem Club

This glorious, agonizingly beautiful song--"Soft Season" by American modern chamber pop trio Gem Club (Christopher Barnes, Kristen Drymala, and Ieva Berberian, previously here)--makes me swoon... and the narrative sounds like a memory from my younger years.

Muscle shakes up against the wall
White waves in his mouth
He twists into a snake
He has all the time that he needs
And the eyes in the place
For as long as it lasts
I’m a boy on my back
And I’m more of a man

Might try to hurt me
Might try to love me too much

All the men dance like diamonds
In the back room beauties
Will compare their flowers
And he pulls on the mattress
I am soft for the season
I look up and you’re leaving
And I’m out in the hallway
Where I work on my bloodline

And for proof, here is a stunning live version.


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