Friday, February 2, 2018

BEAUTY: Installation--Katharina Grosse

German artist Katharina Grosse doesn't paint images of the world, she paints the world itself. Her most recent installation which was on view through last December 3rd at South London Gallery was entitled This Drove my Mother up the Wall. Grosse said of the piece, "It’s about the reactions that you might have to other people’s actions. What might be interesting to you might transgress somebody else’s limits of acceptance and enjoyment. It’s this steady confrontation between individuals. Within family life you often have to negotiate how you live and how you accept one another. It’s a saying in English, isn’t it? To drive your mother up the wall. It’s also what children do with felt pens, to make little drawings or notes on the wall. For me, painting can appear anywhere in our world. It doesn’t have to be on a canvas or the space above the sofa....In the middle of the installation is a glaring white void, created using a Styrofoam stencil, that can only be reached by walking across the painted edges of the room."

Yet at the center a cut out in the stencil allowed paint to create a little triangle.

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