Tuesday, May 15, 2018

BEAUTY: Photography--Terri Loewenthal

The photography of Northern California artist Terri Loewnethal reminds me of the classic 70s film "Zabriskie Point" by Antonioni (previously here)--the different views of California landscapes superimposed on top of one another, all drenched in acid Kool-Aid colors. Indeed, she has titled this series "Psychscapes." "I was referring to these images as psychedelic even before I made them," she says. "To have a psychedelic experience is to free your mind from its normal constraints. When I had the idea for these images, I was able to shift the colors of the natural world in my mind."

Top to bottom: Psychscape 09 (Buck Creek, CA); Psychscape 18 (Banner Ridge, CA); Psychscape 26 (Rock Garden, CA); Psychscape 41 (Lundy Canyon, CA); Psychscape 48 (Lookout Mountain, CA); Psychscape 61 (Yosemite); Psychscape78 (Obsidina Dome, CA)


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