Friday, May 18, 2018

Rise & Win Brewing Co. BBQ and General Store

Located in Japan in Tokushima Prefecture, about two and a half hours outside of the Osaka area, the Rise & Win Brewing Co. BBQ and General Store is a charming site visually as well as intellectually, as recycled materials feature prominently in the design of the structure. Of course the main feature is the double height wall of mismatched windows!

While it is indeed a brewing company (newly appointed brewing director Ryan Jones is American and they boast that he "he studied craft beer making in the real American...immersing himself in making beer until he was stoic"...clearly something got lost in that translation), the general store section, created from discarded wood, offcuts, recycled bricks, and old bottles for a chandelier, is dedicated to an eco-friendly way of selling and purchasing as well. Their website states:

"Old winning department store has been reborn as a general store.
As a proposal for excessive packaging and shopping that does not emit garbage coming from an inappropriate amount, we are doing selling by weight.
Please bring your favorite containers, pack nuts, dried fruits, seasoning such as pasta and rice, as much as you want.
Of course we also sell craft beer. Enjoying shopping leads to zero · waste."

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