Sunday, June 17, 2018

BEAUTY: Clothing--M1992

A newer label, M1992 is headed by creative director Dorian Tarantini and for his Spring Summer 2019 collection, he made a bold statement about our planet and the climate. Concern for the ocean (plastic pollution, petroleum pollution, changing oceanic temperatures, etc.), and a speculative meditation on the future of our current trajectory gave rise to a very dark vision that melded surfer wear with a dark, frightening sensibility. Shirts printed with the flaming word "OIL," oil rig platforms, and a businessman in chest deep water were set off by neoprene wet suits as everyday wear, something we will need if we are to live with the rising waters of climate change. The collection can be broken down into wearable pieces now, but ultimately, it is a heavy, sarcastic, warning statement.

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