Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Cocina Hermanos Torres

I would love to visit this new restaurant in Barcelona, Cocina Hermanos Torres (The Torres Brothers' Kitchen) because of its unique design. Instead of putting the kitchen at the rear or off to the side, it occupies center stage, thus rendering this a "kitchen with a restaurant" as the owners think of it. Food preparation is the focus of the experience, making patrons part of the performance when their food is brought to table.

I love restaurants that have open kitchens. One of my favorites is Chez Panisse, ground zero for the American culinary movement that started in the 70s. It's in Berkeley, California, right here in my own backyard, and I have had many, many exquisite meals there over the years. And I love watching the kitchen staff cook...the atmosphere is languid, gentle, no one is in a rush, no one shouts. There is a serenity and sense of respect for the process of preparing food and presenting it with love and attention to detail. The meal is an experience and not just a way to ingest sustenance. If you go, try to request to sit near the kitchen. And if you arrive for the first seating, perhaps you will get the treat I have received several times over the years: perhaps your maitre d' will say, "They are just taking the squab off the spit, would you like to see?" and invite you to step into the kitchen for an up-close look...

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