Saturday, July 6, 2019

"Burning (For A New Start)" by Josin

I am so glad I now know of the music of Josin (previously here). A bit of Sigur Ros, a bit of Radiohead, but all her.

This is "Burning (For A New Start)." Stunning, arresting lyrics. And an equally arresting sound...I love how it shifts into another realm at the 3:20 mark. Wow.

We're ashes just beholding the past, falling apart
But we wanted this bitter taste
All, all eyes on what lies upon
Slow motion, I escape your eye
In a next life, I will listen to what you say
All, all eyes on what lies upon
Will I soar towards the core?
Will I soar?
Why is it turning towards the core?
Why is it churning?

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