Monday, September 2, 2019

Want Power? UNION. Happy Labor Day 2019

From the AFL-CIO:

This Labor Day, workers are winning. Momentum is building. The balance of power is shifting. Across the country, working people are joining the fight for a better deal and a better life.

MIT found that half of non-union workers would vote to join a union TODAY if given the chance. That’s more than 60 million people ready to secure a voice on the job.

And just as the labor movement is setting the bar higher than ever before in the 2020 election, fresh research from Gallup shows approval of unions at 64 percent, a nearly 50-year high.

Workers are winning because we are standing together and communities are rallying behind us. We are the community and the community is us. We will not allow others to tell us what we are worth. We are defining our own value. Our value is a fair paycheck and much more:

  • It’s respect from our employer and coworkers.
  • It’s a say in our conditions at work.
  • It’s quality health care so we don’t go broke when we get sick.
  • It’s a secure retirement.
  • It’s an opportunity for training and advancement.
  • It’s a voice in technology and sharing the benefits of innovation.

Put simply, workers are refusing to settle—at work, in the community and in politics.

As we march forward together in solidarity, working people are ready to expose President Trump’s broken promises, demand better from Democrats, and finally win a level playing field for union organizing by passing the PRO Act.

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