Sunday, June 14, 2020

BEAUTY: Clothing--Tíscar Espadas

London Fashion Week Men's is on a solely digital platform this year due to the ongoing global pandemic. The shift has ushered in some other changes too, mainly the integration of the menswear and womenswear collections. The shows are now for both men and women, or are being presented as genederless clothing. And there is also some speculation that LFWM might stay on a digital platform from now on. That idea is both intriguing and saddening. It seems on one hand, there are exciting new opportunities in working with a new medium, but on the other hand, I am already missing the live presentation aspect of the shows, which come with atmospheric ways of reinforcing a theme or concept. I love to go and see films, but I also love the immediacy and viscerality of live theatre.

Oh, well.

Anyhoodles, here is a film of a really great collection by Spanish designer Tíscar Espadas that touches on historical and regional Spanish references. I love the music choices (the Alan Lomax-esque field recordings of Flamenco along with Andalusian wind) almost as much as I do the amazing cut of all the trousers!

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