Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just finished reading...

...CHANGES, the twelfth novel in the Harry Dresden series by author Jim Butcher.

Once upon a time, there was a television show called THE DRESDEN FILES about a Chicago private detective, Harry Dresden, who is also a wizard. It was a fun, supernatural cross between HARRY POTTER, MACGYVER and Sam Spade.
It unfortunately only lasted for a season, but a few years later, I learned that it was based on a series of books by fantasy author Jim Butcher.

I have since read all twelve in the series (Butcher has plans to continue the series into the low twenties) and they are a lot of fun as well as being real page-turners. He has a talent for ending chapters in mid-action, mid-plot, mid-secret-being-revealed, so one MUST start the next chapter. As you can imagine, this makes it hard to actually turn the light out and go to sleep when reading at night.

CHANGES is a great addition to the series. Many familiar characters from books past make cameo appearances here, but the main point of this one is, as the title suggests, changes. Harry finds out some information that will change his life forever as well as making some decisions about his allegiances that will change who he is and how he behaves. The book after this should be quite interesting.

For quick and fun summer reading, I absolutely recommend this book...but you must start from the beginning of the series. Otherwise, none of it will make any sense. Or rather, it might make some sense, but you won't grasp the importance of certain places, people or things. Go to Butcher's site and see the list of HARRY DRESDEN books in order, starting with STORM FRONT:

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