Sunday, January 31, 2016

BEAUTY: Painting--Richard Estes

After I posted the nostalgic diner images of Pam Ingalls here, I was reminded of the works of painter Richard Estes whose incredible photorealist oil on canvas pieces often show diners...
I love how Ingalls' work is loose and Impressionistic and Estes' is so precise and tight.

Remember these are paintings, not photographs. In a way, Estes' work reminds me of Paper Moon Graphics which I posted about here.

Top to bottom: Grand Luncheonette; Cafeteria at Madison Square Garden; Central Savings; Diner; Double Self Portrait; Eat'n Time; Jone's Diner; Nedick's

Saturday, January 30, 2016

BEAUTY: Interiors--Kitchens With Lamps

As an interior designer, one of the things I just love to see in a kitchen is a table lamp! It is an unexpected element that brings a layer of warmth and home to an otherwise possibly sterile area of the house.

Friday, January 29, 2016

BEAUTY: Painting--Andrew Hem

The floating people and dream-like narratives in Andrew Hem's work resonates with me deeply. Some days I can barely keep my feet on the ground.

Top to bottom: A frame; Civic; Close to the edge; Flipper; Igloolik; In a little tent; It will eventually drift; Lost and found; Quiet; Tell the world I'm coming home

Thursday, January 28, 2016

BEAUTY: Painting--Pam Ingalls

These interior scenes of classic American diners by painter Pam Ingalls in Washington state are quite pleasing to me. Maybe it brings a sense of feels like an invitation to step back in time, take a stool, order a burger, and breathe easier...

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"To Know You" by Wild Nothing

Wild Nothing (Jack Tatum) (previously here). "To Know You" (first song in this video of two tracks) from his new album "Life of Pause" out on February 19, 2016. LOVE it.

Monday, January 25, 2016

White Mountaineering and adidas Originals

And before we leave the fashion season, I must share with you one last bit of sartorial theater. White Mountaineering teamed with athletic wear company adidas Originals for a sleek, futuristic FW '16-'17 collection of sport clothing and shoes shown at Pitti Uomo. While the pieces are nice enough (Y3 did it MUCH better here), it is the presentation that is truly mind-boggling. Watch the video below to witness a dazzling, kinetic light show...make sure you see it to the end.

BEAUTY: Clothing--Misc. Paris Fashion Week, FW '16-'17

Misc. Men's Paris Fashion Week.

Raf Simons. Long sleeves. Large scale. More cocooning, more pulling into one's shell like Damir Doma and more childhood like Fendi. Simons' collection directly referenced youth in varsity sweaters with anonymous school letters and insignias.

Y Project. Odd detail at the hem of extra bell or cuff, buttoned...

And it seems that the break out star of the season was plush toy fur, seen not only at Fendi, but also at Ann Demeulemeester (who, it must be noted, also included long hair along with plush toy fur!)...

...and plush toy fur also at Loewe. Like kids dressing up as Fred Flintstone...

BEAUTY: Clothing--Thom Browne

A Thom Browne show is always something amazing to see. His last few collection have become more and more ominous with a possible hint of the macabre, models walking the space slowly in some kind of spooky nightmarish ritual. The funereal pace continued (Browne's FW '15-16 show seen here was a literal funeral!) for this FW '16-'17 show which began with two black-lipped models looking for all the world like an Edward Gorey (previously here) drawing walking the stage, drawing down diaphanous white sheets from enormous upright picture frames and from a massive chandelier. Once the dust covers were removed and the stage eerily lit, like a room from The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, the show proper began.

Browne said we were witness to 13 members (an "unlucky" number...) of a 1920s gentlemen’s club who return there after the Depression to reflect on their past. Hence the dust covers. Models wore bowlers hats not on their heads but on their faces, giving a frightening, menacing, anonymous spectral appearance. But a show that, on the surface seemed ghostly, unexpectedly turned poignant and touching. Each look came out in three different forms: 1) a Depression-ravaged, dusty, threadbare version, 2) a slightly worn version, and 3) a pristine, crisp, new version, which taken together, represented a journey back in time for these men, a journey back to before the Depression, when things were younger, cleaner, newer. Each of these three doppelgängers took their place at a picture frame, the two older, ragged versions on one side, the memory of fresh youth on the other, as though all three were contemplating themselves in a mirror, past and future facing off. And when one contemplates the ramifications of that action, we should all understand that we can look in the mirror of our own lives, look back and see what we once were, where we came from. And the longer one lives, the more doppelgängers there will be. So certainly on the surface, but also in a deeper way, the show was about ghosts, just in a gentler, less literal way. We leave behind us the ghosts of who we once were. It is a function of time.

The pieces themselves were classic Thom Browne with traditional men's suiting techniques and a truly artisanal dedication to detail. Absent was the skirt/apron he has championed for many seasons, but present was his trademark shorter trouser...and a whimsical dachshund symbol woven into coats. The doggie also showed up in the form of a sweet furry carry bag, looking like a plush toy version of a doctor bag. In the spirit of the Izod alligator, Browne's dachshund joins his tortoise and cute spouting whale from past collections

In the photos below, I have teamed up only the first (most ragged) and third (newest) incarnations of each look for contrast. While the logical choice for consumers would be the new version of each garment, I can't help but think that the worn pieces have more desirability in terms of character, story, interest..."There’s beauty in the perfection, and there’s beauty in the imperfection," Browne said after the show.

Look at the incredible pearled detailing on these jackets and hats...