Monday, September 30, 2013

BEAUTY: Installation--Patrick Beaulieu

In his exhibit for intérieur, multi-disciplinary artist Patrick Beaulieu showed a sculpture of downed birds lit from below by changing LED lights, and a series of images of glowing embers from a fire which were captured on flat-bed scanners before the heat of the embers exploded the glass.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


I have posted other videos of projection mapping installations in the past (here), but this one is just incredible. It features projection mapping on moving surfaces with the interaction of a human being. Incredible.

Bot & Dolly, the production company responsible for this amazing feat says, "The short film documents a live performance, captured entirely in camera. Bot & Dolly produced this work to serve as both an artistic statement and technical demonstration. It is the culmination of multiple technologies, including large scale robotics, projection mapping, and software engineering. We believe this methodology has tremendous potential to radically transform theatrical presentations, and define new genres of expression."
I'll say.

And it concludes with one of my favorite quotes, by Arthur C. Clarke...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

California Leads The Way...As Usual

Bill Maher's "New Rules" segment from the September 27, 2013 episode of "Real Time" on HBO.

"New Rule: Conservatives who love to brag about American exceptionalism must come here to California, and see it in person. And then they should be afraid. Because while right-wingers are taking over places like North Carolina, Texas and even Wisconsin, California is going in the opposite direction and creating the kind of modern, liberal nation the country as a whole can only dream about. And not only can't the rest of the country stop us--we're going to drag you with us.

It wasn't that long ago that pundits were calling California a failed state and saying it was ungovernable. But in 2010, when other states were busy electing whatever Tea Partier claimed to hate government the most, we elected a guy who actually liked it, Jerry Brown.

Without a Republican governor and without a legislature cock-blocked by Republicans, a $27 billion deficit was turned into a surplus. How? Well, it's amazing, really. We did something economists call cutting spending AND raising taxes. I know, it sounds like some crazy science fiction story, but you see, here in California, we're not just gluten-free and soy-free and peanut-free, we're Tea Party free! Yes, we can live in reality! Texas could do it too, but they ‘love freedom’ too much, like when that unregulated fertilizer plant blew up. In California, when things blow up, it's because we're making a Jason Statham movie.

California isn't perfect, but it is in our nature to try new things. For example, now that it’s clear Obamacare is going to be a success here, the movement to just go all the way to a single payer system is gathering steam. In lots of areas, California has decided not to wait around for the ‘caboose’ part of America to get on board. Yokels can mock 'European style democracies' all they want, we are building one here--gay marriage, pot smoking, regulating carbon--and people like it, the same way when Americans come back from a vacation in Europe they all say the same thing: 'I saw titties on the beach!' But they also remark on the modern airports and train stations over there, and the absence of beggars in the street, and food that tastes like FOOD. And they wonder, 'Why can't we get that here?' Well, you will be getting that here, courtesy of the Golden State. Why? Because we're huge. WE’RE HUGE. 40 MILLION OF US. When we demand something, the market must supply it. Like when California set a higher mileage standard for cars sold in this state, Detroit had to make more efficient cars. California by itself is the 8th largest economy in the world, the fifth largest agricultural exporter in the world, and of course number one in laser vaginal rejuvenation.

It's so ironic: the two things conservatives love the most--the free market and states rights--are the two things that are going to bend this country into California's image as a socialist fagtopia. Maybe our constipated Congress in Washington can't pass gun control laws, but we just did. Because we don't give a sh*t about the NRA. Out here that stands for 'Nuts, Racists, and A**holes.' And while other state governments are working with Jesus to make abortion more miserable, because otherwise women would just use it for weight loss, California is making it easier. And while immigrants are demonized in Washington and elsewhere, in California we just okayed driver’s licenses for undocumented aliens. We’re letting them drive cars just like white people! Because we can't be worrying about all the nonsense that keeps Fox News viewers up at night when they should be in bed adjusting their sleep apnea mask.

So in conclusion, my message to the rest of America is just this: do not resist. Kneel before Zod! California has been setting the trend in America for decades and it's not going to stop now. We say jump, you say, 'Please sell me new exercise clothes for jumping.' We said put cilantro in food, and dammit, you did, you put cilantro in food, even though neither one of us knows what it is. And almond milk? Come on. We just had some extra almonds and thought we'd f**k with you."

Friday, September 27, 2013

BEAUTY: Photography--Barry Underwood

The magical work of Barry Underwood happens in two phases. First, Underwood employs various types of lighting (LEDs, glow sticks, rope lights, plain light bulbs, etc.) in outdoor locations and photographs these installations. Then he displays the photographs as works in themselves, documenting the ethereal glow on streams, in fields, or even at urban construction sites.

Top to bottom: Aurora (Green); Lightning Bugs; Orange Stream; Parade Field; Trace (Blue)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spiritual Thinking Is Poetic Thinking

“Philosophy begins and ends in wonder.”
“Steer away from high metaphysical beliefs because humans do best when they realize they don't know all that much.”
“Wonder is the spiritual stance or disposition which renders us humble in the face of things, and also thankful.”
“There is no way the human imagination can fathom the ultimate.”
“The spiritual mind is always metaphorical.”
“Spiritual thinking is poetic thinking.”
“If you have an idea of God you think is adequate, it's not.”
“We have to trust ourselves to reside in the darkness of not knowing.”
--Sam Keen

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

BEAUTY: Interiors--Pal + Smith

The work of interior design team Pal + Smith is subtle and masterful. By turns modern, soft contemporary, transitional, and traditional, these interiors display small luxurious details, and a sense of elegance as well as whimsy and adventure. I spot a marvelous Adam Wallacavage (previously here) octopus chandelier in the second image down--I have been dying to find a client who would appreciate one of his original fixtures. I also really love the Moroccan star pendant in the third image. In fact, each and every one of the fixtures shown here are fantastic!

Monday, September 23, 2013

London to Brighton...

...every 30 years.

Nice to know the English countryside has not changed much at all. I have taken this lovely trip as recently as a few years ago, and it seemed fairly unspoiled.

via BBC:
"Sixty years ago, the BBC filmed a train journey from London to Brighton, squeezed into just four minutes. Thirty years ago, we did it again. Now we are bringing it up to date, to see how much has changed - and how much is still the same. Here's all three journeys side by side."

"Faking Jazz Together" by Connan Mockasin


This is a jaw-dropping marriage between a jaw dropping video and a jaw dropping audio track. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some jaws to pick up...

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, "Oh, By The Way!"

Congratulations "Oh, By The Way," you are four years old!

Four years ago, I had a dream in which I started a blog called “Oh, By The Way.” When I woke up that morning, I went to the computer and promptly started a blog called “Oh, By The Way.” Seriously--it was the first thing I did that morning, and yes, I often act out in waking life things I have dreamt.

"Oh, By The Way" is my digital scrap book of things I like, things I would share with a close friend and say: “Oh, by the way, do you know of this artist/ clothing or interior designer/ model/ singer/ actor/ gorgeous man… or, have you seen this video/ photo/ film... or heard (or do you remember) this song/ band... or, read this book/ poem/ inspiring quote... or, visited this place/ restaurant/ famous building... or, have you heard of this amazing new scientific discovery?”

Followers and regular readers: thank you so much! I hope you find this blog fascinating, beautiful, interesting, moving, inspiring, informative, and uplifting. Welcome to the birthday party. Help yourself to a virtual slice of mint chocolate cake and a nice frosty glass of milk!

Happy Autumnal Equinox 2013!

Today is the official start of autumn, when our planet begins to tilt the other direction, tipping the northern hemisphere away from the sun. The days grow shorter, nights grow longer, as we move indoors and into ourselves for hibernation and introspection. Autumn is a time of harvest as the earth moves into hibernation as well. It is a beautiful time, a spiritual transition, a doorway between summer and winter.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

BEAUTY: Painting--William Fisk

These extraordinary hyper-realistic oil on canvas works by artist William Fisk glorify retro and extinct technology and objects. They serve not only as an homage to an object but to a time period, society, and cultural beliefs. The narrative that naturally follows from them is the eventual extinction of our current technology. It is hard to imagine what will replace the gadgets with which we currently share our lives.

Top to bottom: Untitled #26; Untitled #30; Untitled #40; Untitled #41; Untitled #59; Untitled #61; Untitled #64; Untitled #66; Untitled #71; Untitled #73

Friday, September 20, 2013


...jumped, pushed, dropped...

For a list of all the films, go to:

BEAUTY: Painting--Kevin Sloan

Kevin Sloan's gorgeous allegorical tableau paintings created in an Italianate style are intriguing and, when studied and experienced, really quite moving.

I love these images of birds with knotted orange extensions cords. The juxtaposition between the natural and man-made world is a little disturbing. The cords are impinging and interfering with the natural world and we feel we want to protect the birds from being electrocuted or harmed.

These following beautiful images are produced in a classic allegorical style and illustrate ideas and principles about the human world as well as the animal world... and especially the collision of the two.

And I am especially drawn to--and horrified by--his disaster series of fires, floods, and tornadoes... such a haunting commentary on natural and man-made disasters (climate change) precisely because of the dispassionate presentation and the traditional oval frames usually reserved only for romantic portraits.

Top to bottom: Audubon Trio; Birds of America: Prometheus' Regret; Modern Romance; A Dream About Flying; Consequences of Hypnosis; Disassembling The Past; Our Modern Animal; The Burden of Formality; The Investor; The Preserve; The Fifth Season #2; The Fifth Season #5; The Flood; Tornado