Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Moonbeams" by Family Band

For Halloween, the very sweet adventures of a skeleton couple...

HEAVENLY BODIES by Paul Koudounaris

For Halloween, nattily-dressed skeletons!

From HEAVENLY BODIES by photographer and ossuary scholar Paul Koudounaris. Thames and Hudson, the book publisher says:
"Death has never looked so beautiful. The fully articulated skeleton of a female saint, dressed in an intricate costume of silk brocade and gold lace, withered fingers glittering with colorful rubies, emeralds, and pearls—this is only one of the specially photographed relics featured in Heavenly Bodies.

In 1578 news came of the discovery in Rome of a labyrinth of underground tombs, which were thought to hold the remains of thousands of early Christian martyrs. Skeletons of these supposed saints were subsequently sent to Catholic churches and religious houses in German-speaking Europe to replace holy relics that had been destroyed in the wake of the Protestant Reformation. The skeletons, known as “the catacomb saints,” were carefully reassembled, richly dressed in fantastic costumes, wigs, crowns, jewels, and armor, and posed in elaborate displays inside churches and shrines as reminders to the faithful of the heavenly treasures that awaited them after death.

Paul Koudounaris gained unprecedented access to religious institutions to reveal these fascinating historical artifacts. Hidden for over a century as Western attitudes toward both the worship of holy relics and death itself changed, some of these ornamented skeletons appear in publication here for the first time."

And here is a link to Koudounaris' own site:

HALLOWEEN BEAUTY: Painting--Farley Aguilar

I have saved this post about Farley Aguilar's art until Halloween. The artist himself does not claim to be influenced by Halloween in particular, but his busy, doodly images are delightfully terrifying. Most figures are either in masks or possess faces that look as if they are grotesque masks. His portraits are also populated by witches, ghouls, zombies, and pinheads... perfect for the day.

Top to bottom: 3 Boys As Rabbits; 3 Spirits; 4 Little Devils; 4 Women Sewing; Children On Stairs; Community Portrait; Dogville

No dedicated website.

HALLOWEEN BEAUTY: Painting and Illustration

Above: A Beautiful Death and Navajo Skull by Terry Fan

Above: Mask by Brian Luong

Above: This Fragile Planet by Bill Mayer

Above: skull by Señor Salme

Above: Heartbeat of Death - Queen Elizabeth the First and Heartbeat of Death 2 by Haruko Maeda

Above: What You Are Made Of by Jason Freeny

Vintage Halloween


...for Halloween.

I love bats.
We recently bought a bat house for our backyard and are hoping to lure some bats to settle in and call it home.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BEAUTY: Mixed Media--Coco Fronsac

Parisian artist Coco Fronsac takes vintage portraits of men and women and superimposes gentle outlines of skulls on their faces. A reminder that we are all mortal and made of bone inside...

BEAUTY: Illustration--Paul Alexander Thornton

Graphite drawings of skulls by Paul Alexander Thornton... for Halloween...

BEAUTY: Mixed Media--Linor Mg

Much like the work of Coco Fronsac (seen here), the manipulated photographic series The Masque of the Red Death by Israeli artist Linor Mg, uses found vintage portraits, and was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's short story of the same name, in which noblemen try to avoid the plague by holding an exclusive masked ball. Perfect for Halloween...