Tuesday, April 30, 2013

BEAUTY: Ceramics--Julie Moon

Julie Moon seems to gather inspiration from the concept of the perception of femininity for her marvelous work. Her amazing ceramic pieces look like abstract meditations upon the Venus of Willendorf, perhaps done by Jonathan Adler...


BEAUTY: Painting--Kailiang Yang

Kailiang Yang was born in China but lives and works in Germany which is clearly reflected in his work. He paints watery, soaked scenes of a hauntingly empty Eastern Europe that are at once immediate yet seemingly full of nostalgia, and delicately layered with memories.

Top to bottom: Auf der Elbe 2; Birkenau; Blankenese; Diebstreich; Lerchenfeld 2; Neumann Reichert Straße 2; Sommer

Kailiang Yang at Carlier Gebauer Gallery:

BEAUTY: Art--Mike Geno

Mike Geno's simple but richly textured cheese portraits are ingenious! And appetizing.

Top to bottom: Harbison; Humboldt Fog; Manchego; Mimolette; Morbier; Oussau Iraty Espelette; Strathdon Blue; Truffle Tremor


The Last Day of National Poetry Month

As we bid farewell to this year's National Poetry Month, remember that anyone can write poetry.
Cartoon by Grant Snider.



Monday, April 29, 2013

Welcome, Jason!

We now officially have our first AMERICAN openly gay, active athlete from any of the four major U.S. men's professional sports leagues.

Jason Collins is a twelve year veteran of the NBA (National Basketball Association) and now, a gay hero. Welcome, Jason! So happy you joined us!

Continued success to you!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

"My Intro Your Outro" by Safe Houses

"My Intro Your Outro" by Safe Houses.


It used to be fun...

Who you are and who you will be...

“There’s a moment for everyone when you fall into your own shadow and the fact is that it’s your shadow and you’re forced to live in it. And this is nothing to celebrate or not celebrate. It simply is.”
--Robert Rauschenberg

“I have crossed over to a place where I never thought I’d be. I am someone I would have never imagined. A secret. A dream. I am this, body and soul. Burn me. Drown me. Tell me lies. I will still be who I am.”
--Alice Hoffman, Incantation

BEAUTY: Soft Sculpture--Cecile Dachary

French artist Cecile Dachary works in many mediums including ceramic, but her fabric, crochet, and embroidery work is utterly fascinating because of its unconventional subject matter. She uses the human body as a springboard for studies of our internal organs and bacteria that can live in or on us. It is beautiful and startling work.

Top to bottom: hanging bacteria; bacteria in a jar; single bacteria; cushions embroidered with human internal organs; organs and vascular system under a cloche; organs in three cloches; Peau (Skin); le Potager des Organes (The Vegetable Garden of Organs)

Look at her website for examples of her work in other mediums:

"A Dancing Shell" by Wild Nothing

A mesmerizing video to go with a mesmerizing song!
I think Wild Nothing might be my new favorite artist...


BEAUTY: Ceramics--Mary O'Malley

Like treasures from a sunken ship that have been buried on the ocean floor, Mary O'Malley's exquisitely imaginative series "Bottom Feeders" features barnacles, shells, starfish, and tentacles growing over and covering tea cups, creamers, glasses and tea pots.