Monday, November 30, 2020

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanks, Jesus 2020!

As we eat our Thanksgiving meal, let us thank not an imaginary figure in the sky but those who are TRULY responsible--migrant workers and immigrants legal or undocumented--for helping to bring our food to our tables, through their numbingly long days of low-wage, backbreaking work.

Happy Thanksgiving 2020!

Despite the many challenges facing us a nation and in the world, it feels like a new day in the United States, and it is with joy and excitement that I address all my followers and regular readers of "Oh, By The Way:"

On this holiday of gratitude, let's give thanks for the recent resurgence of hope, and the return of the things that make us good, strong, honorable, and loving human beings. Let's give thanks to the people who bring light and calm and love to our lives and to the world. Let's give thanks for the generous actions and goodwill in our lives--whether done by others or ourselves--that strengthen the fabric of humanism and the choices to unite, protect, and find value in this existence. Hold dear these things and live up to these ideals for which we are grateful. Let us find value in ourselves and others and express this gratitude in our intentions, deeds, and words. Let's be grateful for the value of human experience, love, and life itself.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

BEAUTY: Photography--Paulette Tavormina

Seeing as Thanksgiving is tomorrow, let's look at the glorious cornucopia photography of New York City-based artist Paulette Tavormina. She creates still lifes and tableaux that are in the style of seventeenth century Old Master painters. I love how she skillfully captures with lighting, composition, texture, and saturated color the exact feeling of such an old canvas.

Artist Statement:

"I have long been drawn to the seventeenth century Old Master Still Life painters Giovanna Garzoni, Francisco de Zurbarán, and Adriaen Coorte. I am particularly fascinated by Zurbarán's mysterious use of dramatic light, Garzoni's masterful compositions and color palette, and Coorte's unique placements of objects. 

Seventeenth century Europe witnessed an explosion of interest in the natural world. Botanical encyclopedias from the period are records of the discoveries made on extensive explorations during this 'Golden Age' of global trading. Still life painters incorporated shells, insects, exotic fruits, and flowers found abroad alongside Venetian glass and Chinese porcelain. Their vignettes served as a tribute to newly discovered corners of the world. Worldly in their composition, these paintings also speak to universal themes as relevant then as now: the fragility of life and love, fleeting beauty and tempus fugit, the swift passage of time."

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Monday, November 23, 2020

BEAUTY: Painting--Dawn Stacey

The landscapes of Dawn Stacey feel exquisitely scrubby and autumnal, full of dried grasses and spent seed pods, and late afternoon golden light.

The East Sussex-based artist says, " I have a love of tapestry, aged worn walls and decorative frescoes which are evocative of my paintings that include layers of acrylic paint. Emerging textured or decorative surfaces incorporate detailed imagery from nature of perhaps birds, flowers, butterflies or insects. The final piece is intended to conjure up a vision of a mysterious, dreamlike landscape by expressing an essence of a place."

Top to bottom: Beginning of Autumn; Capturing the Moment; Emerging Woodland; Glowing Light; Golden Lake; Intimate Moment; Looking Out; Moonlit Pond; Silent Memory

Sunday, November 22, 2020

"Heaven Up There" by Palace

"Heaven Up There" by Palace.


Well the night is gone
And the shadows clear
When I hear my song
Will the grave be near?
See what you want
But I'm the rising tide
I'm no force of god
I'm a thousand lives
I take what I want
'Cause I'm the frightening sky
I'm a selfish man
Designed to die

But is it heaven up there?
Is it heaven up there?
Is it heaven up there?
'Cause it's hell down here

Believe in existence spent
To separate us from them
To know that your blood runs thin
Is to live with the truth within
So scrape up the bruise I wear
And eradicate all my fears
Prepare me to walk these stairs
I don't know where my future is
I don't know where my future is

Is it heaven up there?
Is it heaven up there?
Is it heaven up there?
Is it heaven up there?

Say I've been blind
For the use of my time
Wanna be a better man
On the ground that I stand
There's something out there
Just know that I've cared
Do this side by side
Motion with the tide
Ooh ooh ooh Ooh ooh ooh

Is it heaven up there?
Is it heaven up there?
Is it heaven up there?
'Cause it's hell down here
Yes, it's hell down here
Is this heaven up there?
I know there's heaven up there
I know there's heaven up there
'Cause there's heaven up there

Happy birthday mom. Is it heaven up there?

Tatsuya Kurisu's Autumn Leaves

Photographer Tatsuya Kurisa captures the beautiful autumn leaves of Japan...

Friday, November 20, 2020

BEAUTY: Painting--Kenneth Blom

Artist Kenneth Blom sets tense narratives among Modernist and Brutalist architectural structures.

Top to bottom: Act of God; Distance; Endless; Fear; Hangar; Illumination; Immortal; Leave Me; Red Sun; Run; Shade; The Sky

Thursday, November 19, 2020

"COLORS" by Thomas Blanchard

"COLORS" is an experimental dreamlike video rocking us smoothly through circular moves. The visual compositions have been created out of paint, oil, Oat milk, remover, bleach, and soap liquid.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

BEAUTY: Photography--Tim Tadder

Photographer Tim Tadder's Black Is A Color series takes its inspiration from issues of race.

"When primary colors are mixed at equal parts, black is ultimately the precipitating color. During the process, an imperial display of tones appears in the swirling to mirror powerful structure & emotion from the subjects. At a crucial time for the nation to unite, I hope this collection encourages empathy, unity & a non-binary view of race. Black is a color challenges one to see past profiling & foresee the beauty that is capable of elevating the human experience. Black is a color demands that we look past skin tone, & into beautiful, infinitely complex humans."