Friday, June 25, 2010

DREAM 6.24.10: Audition with Farrah

I'm at a casting director's studio to audition for the role of the "bad guy" on a TV show. When I arrive, I see that Farrah Fawcett is here to audition for the same role. She sits with Alana Stewart and chats. I look at the sides and there are a lot of lines. I am nervous about the amount of dialogue, holding the paper and trying to audition. Farrah goes first and miraculously, she has the scene memorized. The script calls for us to attack the actor playing against us and she does with a vengeance, tossing him down a flight of stairs. Clearly she is booking the job! I don't recall my audition, but when we are all done, I approach Farrah to tell her that I am a longtime fan and it was an honor auditioning with her.

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