Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ingrid and David

I am thrilled! My copy of the four song CD "Litlte Girls With 99 Lives" by Ingrid Chavez and David Sylvian arrived in the mail today!
You may recall my earlier post about Ingrid Chavez here.

This is from Ingrid's official website:
"The four songs written and recorded by David Sylvian and Ingrid Chavez in the mid to late 90's, which were previously only available on the b-sides of various singles released by Virgin Records, are collected here for the first time. Available in a new digipak designed by Sylvian and, in keeping with some of the intimate themes addressed in the material, the artwork features images of Ingrid as a young girl. Each copy is signed and numbered by both Sylvian and Chavez and this pressing is strictly limited to 1000. There will be no reprinting of the edition once it has sold out. The edition is released on Ingrid's '10 Windows' imprint and is available exclusively from the DGM store."
I own copy 329 out of 1,000. You can see Ingrid's signature above the picture on the left of the inside of the CD and David's below the picture. The digipack and the CD itself are also numbered by hand.

And the music is lovely; some of it is unexpectedly and marvelously tribal (thanks to Sylvian) with Ingrid's diaphonous voice and words blowing through and over it all.

Here is the video for the haunting "Remembering Julia."

I'm remembering Julia
and little girls with 99 lives
she is standing in the road
sad eyes smiling
she is alone in a blue shirt
by a blue car
the sky is grey, forever grey
someone has come to visit
a father, a friend says goodbye
never to be seen again
he drives away, he just drives away.

She's laughing from the trees picking muscadines
she's crying in the pulpit waiting for a sign
she whispers a prayer as she is pushed beneath the water
promise to be a good soldier
to fight for what's hers

she's the changeling
the wrong cast
the tom boy who could run so fast
she's on her knees, on her back
the stone that couldn't be cracked
Julia is forgetting
but I am remembering
little girls with 99 lives

they are wounded but healing
quietly feeling
their loss of innocence
her fear is deep rooted
bred to the bone
an abandoned camp fire
of ash and stone
i am turning the soil
of the memories she's buried
lightening the burden of the shame she has carried
she is sinking into the earth leaving no trace
i slip into her shoes and ties the laces

i'm remembering julia
and little girls with 99 lives
we're chasing dandelions
making wishes
on four leaf clovers and falling stars

I'm learning to live
and Julia is learning to forgive.

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