Saturday, September 11, 2010

BEAUTY: Clothing--N. Hoolywood

N. Hoolywood (no, that is not a typo) is a men’s fashion house run by Japanese designer Daisuke Obana. Since 2002, Obana’s concept has been to take old clothing/ concepts/ themes, add to them and come up with something new; his runway shows are heavily themed, theatrical, site-specific performance pieces.

Yesterday, September 10, 2010, saw the runway show for N. Hoolywood’s S/S ’11 collection, entitled “Police Photo”—clearly based on mug shots from the Depression era. I love how he has worked in the booking numbers not only onto placards hanging around the necks of the models, but into the fabric of the clothing itself, printed on ties, shirts and jackets! The unusual models, who appropriately look like slow-witted and “hoody” criminals, are perfectly styled for the period as well, with thin, sparse moustaches and wavy hair that stands up in the front. This is how you do a theme!

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