Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DREAM 8.31.10: Helicopter

In downtown LA, on a motorcycle, I look up and see a helicopter flying low but starting to fishtail from side to side. I stop to watch as it loses control completely and starts tumbling, spinning tail over front. It shoots past me and into a building behind me. I can’t see exactly where it hit because there are other buildings in the way, but I hear it and see a cloud of debris. Some people on the street look at me and we exchange looks of horror. But then something else happens we did not expect: a crane at a building site a few blocks over starts to tilt. I can only guess that the helicopter grazed it as it flew by. It makes a horrible squeaking metal sound and starts to fall to the side, toward me… I start my motorcycle and try to drive out of the direction of the fallilng crane as fast as I can. I end up in a complex that is under construction, at the back of an unfinished building. I am trying to call out on my cell to let people know what happened and that I am okay. I look up and see two guys closing a chain link fence gate. Before they put the pad lock on, I say, “Wait! Let me out first.” They wait for me and when I come out, the crew and the office people are all leaving. I tell them the story of what happened, complete with sound effects. It seems like I do this several times this day.

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