Saturday, March 19, 2011

BEAUTY: Art--Bo Christian Larsson

Painting, drawing, sculpture, site-specific installation, performance...Bo Christian Larsson works in many different mediums. His is a singular and unique vision filled with raw wood, knives, and natural objects, all dissociated from any sense of reality, trapped in a bare, clinically white hallucination with small hints of saturated color leaking through. His sculptural objects speak the language of symbols and dreams.

Born in Sweden, Larsson now resides in Munich and Berlin but his work retains a certain undefinable Scandinavian, blond wood sense. Visit his website to view pictures of his installations and performances. It is compelling work.

Top to bottom: It Hurts To Pray; Noah's First Pony; Land Of Plenty; Secret Service; Moonstruck; The Earthly Whisper; The Hood; The Throne Of Forever; The Warning; Violence Is Golden

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