Friday, March 11, 2011

It's Blur, innit...

I am obsessed with this video and song, "Music Is My Radar" by Blur. I adore how the art direction brings to mind the original THE PRISONER with Patrick McGoohan, THE AVENGERS with Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg, and even SPACE: 1999 (the dancers' costumes here remind me of the designs of the great Rudy Gernreich who designed the costumes for SPACE: 1999, and the helmets seem to me to be a nod to another great film of that period, "Fahrenheit 451" directed by the legendary François Truffaut) and other great ITV productions from that period. And I love the intense and somewhat surreal sound of the song itself. It seems to go very well with the idea of a certain period, without trying to sound like music from that period. Despite that, there is a tautness to it, a certain quality that sounds as if it is on the edge of chaos which gives it a decidedly contemporary sound.

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