Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Jeff Garner designs clothing for his own very eco-conscious, all-sustainable fashion/ lifestyle brand, Prophetik. Now, this young man is not only gorgeous (and frequently seen sporting jodhpurs and riding boots), but his designs are fascinating as well. His aesthetic tends toward forms, detailing, and silhouettes from the late 1800s. I am all for a return to clothing from another era and this plays into my "New Romantic" sensibilities quite nicely. His roots--and his current company--are in Tennessee (after a stint in Malibu, he returned to his home state to start Prophetik), so his pieces seem to exude a post-Civil War-faded-glory vibe. His most recent collection called "Artistic Wonderment" and shown this February at London Fashion Week, featured old Southern quilts re-fashioned into dresses and long coats for men. One of the quilts was one he slept under as a child!


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