Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lorna Doone, Ladyfinger, Madeleine

Lorna Doone: a shortbread cookie developed in 1912, named after the heroine of an 1869 novel by R.D. Blackmore. Although the story takes place in southwest England, the Doone family were of Scottish heritage.

Ladyfingers: a light sponge cake in the shape of a long finger which originated in the 15th century at the court of the Duchy of Savoy to mark a visit from the King of France. They are now used in trifle and tiramisu.

Madeleine: a sponge cake from the Lorraine region of France, these little cakes/cookies get their traditional shell shape from being baked in shell shaped pans. Proust's IN SEARCH OF LOST TIME was inspired by a sense memory triggered by a madeleine dipped in linden blossom (lime blossom) tea.

In case you were wondering...

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