Tuesday, January 17, 2012

BEAUTY: Painting--Geoffrey Johnson

Although artist Geoffrey Johnson hails from the southern United States--and still lives there--he paints achingly lonely (and lovely) scenes of Manhattan streets. I appreciate his gorgeous black and white/ sepia toned palette.

I can't find a dedicated website for him but he it looks like he is represented by Hubert Gallery in New York and the Principle Gallery in Virginia.




MYSAVIOR said...


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

How can an artist in this day and age not even have a simple BLOG? I want to know about this guy, where he works, does he give workshops, where else can I see his art, what is his background.... sheesh! Thank you for sharing, though!

Jeff said...

Hi Kelley,

I know what you mean! It seems like an artist, or anyone trying to accomplish anything within the public sphere now, needs a website to promote whatever it is one is trying to do!

It looks like the Hubert Gallery changed the link, so I updated it, and also found another gallery in Virginia that has a bit more information about him, such as his CV and Artist Statement. I added a link to that gallery as well.

Thanks for your comment and for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Have you learned anything else about him? Would love to see more of his work for sale than what's available at the two galleries that represent him.

Jeff said...

Hi Anon,

Still no dedicated website for the artist. Maybe a call to one of the galleries could yield more info?

Thanks for reading,