Thursday, January 26, 2012

BEAUTY: Clothing--Adam Kimmel

I must confess that I love Adam Kimmel's esoteric theme and theatrical runway presentation much more than the finished product! "Area 51," that location of myth in the American psyche, is the springboard for a collection that takes into account the American Air Force, CIA Black Ops, and the alien reference from that secret government facility. There is a nice cleanliness to the lines of his '12-'13 FW collection, thanks to the military spirit of the silhouette, but what really gets me is the marvelous models who are sporting these 40s-50s-60s silhouettes. They all look like the original, Palooka-faced (and handsome) flyboys, astronauts, and even scientists from that period. Take a look at the video too, to see the alien technology special effect that brought the models to and from the runway!

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