Monday, January 16, 2012

BEAUTY: Clothing--Trussardi

If you need proof of some of Jung's more interesting concepts such as synchronicity, meaningful coincidence, or a kind of collective unconscious that works through a sense of the zeitgeist, then the Fashion Weeks are often a place to look. It seems that a color will suddenly occupy most designer's minds, or perhaps a time period or place. It is fascinating to see how, à la the Hundredth Monkey theory, an idea leaps from mind to mind.

So with that in mind, who would have ever thought that there would be TWO Formula-One racing inspired shows at Milano Moda Uomo at the same time? Well, considering the ideas I just mentioned, it seems more likely than not! Where Thom Browne for Moncler Gamme Bleu referenced Formula-One racing in his traditional, gentlemanly, extremely tailored way that suggested a sort of Old World elegance, Umit Benan, now head of Trussardi (and good for him!) looked to the 70s, evoking the style of the iconic Jackie Stewart, mutton-chopped and topped with a newsboy cap, for his collection that was heavy on the colors and patterns of that swaggering era... complete with sexy-as-hell pornstaches!

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