Thursday, April 25, 2013

BEAUTY: Painting--Rick Bartow

Painter Rick Bartow is of Wiyot and Yurok heritage, tribes originating in Northern California. And his heritage plays a large part in the imagery of his work. His paintings speak to the Native idea of spirit or power animals, and Native myths and stories that blend human and animal forms. I believe we all have an animal form in another dimension; and conversely all animals have a human form. Bartow, a fine arts painter and sculptor, cites Francis Bacon and Marc Chagall as inspirations and indeed, Bartow's style possesses none of the kitsch usually (and unfortunately) associated with Native American art.

Top to bottom: Bear Heart; Bull Disguise; Cloak of Kestrel; Coyote Magic; Give Me Back My Father; Raven Chant

Rick Bartow at Froelick Gallery:

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