Wednesday, August 21, 2013

BEAUTY: Interior--San Giorgio Hotel, Mykonos

Recently, a friend commented that many of the rooms I post in the "BEAUTY: Interior" category are too busy for her... they are rooms that, while she might appreciate the skill required in creating such a space, she could not live in. We agreed that she might be a minimalist at heart...

I certainly respect that, and to show that I have a sparser side, here are some photos of the heavenly San Giorgio Hotel on Mykonos. Decorated in a classic yet supremely simple Mediterranean style, the rooms are stripped down to only what is needed for life on a Greek island, reflecting the simplicity of the landscape, the sky and sea.

The hotel itself is spectacular, featuring, as the hotel website says, "the characteristic Mykonos Architecture of picturesque white-washed buildings." I really love the trio of hanging jute chairs in the lobby.

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