Saturday, August 24, 2013

Stuck In Traffic

I got stuck in traffic the other day on my way to a design showroom for a client. It is probably because I am an only child that I always find a way to entertain myself, and to find something interesting to do. While I was sitting in my car, for minutes at a time, I saw the views out of my window to the freeway shoulder were making some wonderful compositions... most of these could work as abstract paintings, all anchored by an inexplicable yellow stripe. It is something I normally don't notice since I am speeding by it all, but all these things, the skunk carcass (poor little pole kitty, probably never saw it coming), the weed clump that attracts detritus, the bits and bobs (will someone miss his hard hat or blanket?), and the odd proof of an accident (who spilled white paint everywhere?) all tell stories tied to a spot or a moment. (OhBTW, the jam was caused by a lane-blocking downed Eucalyptus tree that Caltrans was chopping up and clearing.)

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