Friday, September 20, 2013

BEAUTY: Painting--Kevin Sloan

Kevin Sloan's gorgeous allegorical tableau paintings created in an Italianate style are intriguing and, when studied and experienced, really quite moving.

I love these images of birds with knotted orange extensions cords. The juxtaposition between the natural and man-made world is a little disturbing. The cords are impinging and interfering with the natural world and we feel we want to protect the birds from being electrocuted or harmed.

These following beautiful images are produced in a classic allegorical style and illustrate ideas and principles about the human world as well as the animal world... and especially the collision of the two.

And I am especially drawn to--and horrified by--his disaster series of fires, floods, and tornadoes... such a haunting commentary on natural and man-made disasters (climate change) precisely because of the dispassionate presentation and the traditional oval frames usually reserved only for romantic portraits.

Top to bottom: Audubon Trio; Birds of America: Prometheus' Regret; Modern Romance; A Dream About Flying; Consequences of Hypnosis; Disassembling The Past; Our Modern Animal; The Burden of Formality; The Investor; The Preserve; The Fifth Season #2; The Fifth Season #5; The Flood; Tornado

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