Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DREAM 11.12.13: Eating Fibers

Working for a design client, I am absentmindedly eating little bits of fabric and rug samples, taking small bites of these things. It is an unconscious habit and when I become aware of what I am doing, I spit a lump of rug out of my mouth. I am concerned that the fibers I have been eating will be impacted and cause trouble. Now, outside in a city at night, I go to use a public bathroom. In the stall next to me, I hear someone fall on the ground by the toilet. I rush over and see a man dressed in firefighter gear. I kneel down to ask if he is alright. He's clearly in distress; it looks like a heart attack. He asks me to get help from his team outside, to get Captain Thomas. He is short of breath. I ask if he is feeling chest pain, tightness, and he says yes. I run outside to a street fair where the fire department has a little PR booth next to their truck. I tell them one of their firefighters is having a heart attack in the bathroom and has asked for Captain Thomas. They rally and are on their way.

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