Monday, November 24, 2014

BEAUTY: Painting--Gill Rocca

This is the time of year here in Northern California where we get socked in with fog...and I love it. Of course parts of the Bay Area have fog year round, but it spreads to the valleys here in the autumn and winter. And London-based artist Gill Rocca certainly knows how to capture the ephemeral, elusive, luminous nature of fog in a landscape.

Rocca says, "The Near to Nowhere Series of small paintings on wood feature anonymous scenes - placeless places, suggestive but hard to locate. Intimate in scale, the painted scenes appear familiar yet have a lingering sense of ambiguity. Always uninhabited, the glow of artificial streetlights, head lights or road markings are the only hint at human presence. I see these elements as traces in the paintings, often disappearing off into the distance, merging again into empty space."

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