Tuesday, November 4, 2014

BEAUTY: Painting--Men of Antiquity, Part Three

Handsome-ass men from long ago... part three!
See part one here and part two here.

Top to bottom: Portrait of Leopold I of Belgium, artist unknown; Portrait of a 16th-century Flemish Gentleman by unknown artist; Portrait of an Unknown Man, by anonymous, c 1775 at Museo de la Real Academia de Bellas Artes; Portrait of Armand Carrel by Ary Scheffer; Portrait of Stanisław Czachórski by Władysław Czachórski; Self Portrait by Anselm Feuerbach; Self Portrait by William Shackleton; Alexandre Michaud, Count of Beauretour, French officer who fought for Russia during the Napoleonic Wars by George Dawe; Captain Sir Lambton Loraine by Anna Lea Merritt; F.G. Stephens by William Holman Hunt

Lookin' good, gentlemen!


Anonymous said...

A superb blog!

Jeff said...

Thanks so much Anonymous!