Sunday, November 9, 2014

Eyes In Space with José González

José González (previously here and here) has been working on a solo album, "Vestiges & Claws," for the last seven years and it is finally due this February 17th, 2015--I'll be counting the days. And for the song "Every Age" from the album, González collaborated with Eyes In Space and the development team at Assembled In Sweden to create an astounding video.

The Eyes In Space collective is trying to let everyone feel The Overview Effect (I referenced The Overview Effect in my survey of "The Ninth Wave" by the great Kate Bush here).

Eyes In Space says:
"Seven billion people on Planet Earth, of which only 536 are lucky enough to have seen Space. Eyes In Space aspire to change this, taking every one on a personal journey to roam the cosmos. The collective’s maiden voyage allows everyone to wander space freely using immersive 360-film to create an endless, all-sensory experience. The galactic journey is accompanied by José González’ newest release. Eyes In Space is a global collective established to mesh artistic experiment with scientific innovation to open new worlds. Space is the collective’s first destination."

Please do yourself a favor and go to the site Eyes In Space have set up to watch this video in a mind-boggling INTERACTIVE 360° version in which you can turn the camera with your mouse. Look up at space, down at the ground, or gaze at the horizon, the space between us and infinity. It is stunning.

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