Monday, January 19, 2015

BEAUTY: Clothing--Ferragamo

I so look forward to Ferragamo's winter collections (I don't think I have ever been disappointed in a Ferragamo collection, no matter what the season) since they invariably play on my own personal sensibilities and preferences in clothing. I am a self-professed scarf aficionado, and always return from every trip to Europe with another half dozen or so. You should see the piles of scarves in my closet...seriously. Ferragamo seems to embrace the idea of lush, layered, luxurious winter wear with lots of scarves, and once again, the house sent me over the moon with a collection of gorgeous huge chunky knits and long fringe.

For Fall-Winter '15-'16 at Milano Moda Uomo, Ferragamo showed a collection that featured something more than a scarf, it was a wrap, a blanket, a layer of insulation, a feature like a lion's mane or plumage from a bird. Indeed, these glorious knit creations were wound, wrapped, tied, and tucked over and around patterns and images of animals...birds, guinea fowl feathers, the head of a bison, and an entire if, with this collection, the house were drawing parallels between an animal's fur and our own need to bundle up in inclement weather. We're all just animals. Models walked out by shadowy images of trees, and on to a runway packed with fresh, beautiful dirt.

The sheer variety in the scarves is wonderful. I of course love the very first one in the first row below, and while I would not reject any of them (I would love to give each and every one of them space on the pile of scarves in my closet), perhaps my runner up is the super-fluffy grey number , third row first one.

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