Sunday, January 11, 2015

BEAUTY: Clothing--Moschino

In the past, I have not been a fan of Moschino...for whatever reason, the clothes never called to me, never seemed so unique or interesting, and they never seemed like they were crafted or forged by an artist who had thought of them, dreamt them up. But Jeremy Scott took over the label in 2013 and things have become...more interesting. And for the '15-'16 Fall-Winter collection for Moschino, Scott took all the tired staples of typical American winter wear--deer hunter plaid, shearling-lined denim jacekts, and ski wear--and imagined a scenario where all these clothes wound up on a gaggle of young rave-goers: his half-dressed models walked the pine tree-laden winter wonderland space in falling snow. He created a patchwork denim pattern which was then printed onto denim, a kind of gilded lily for the ubiquitous fabric. Faux fur showed up everywhere, some printed with snow leopard and zebra. The deer hunter plaid that is in every wardrobe in the Mid-West gets a hilarious metallic treatment of tropical hibiscus flowers while the same hibiscus flowers get strewn over ski wear.

This reminds me of a small aside: one winter while traveling across the country, a blizzard diverted our plane from O'Hare to St. Louis where we were put up at a Sheraton for the night. When we went down to the lobby the next morning to wait for the airport shuttle to take us to our re-scheduled flight, a group of teen-and-twenty-somethings came down to wait with us, get this, wearing only tee shirts, shorts, and flip-flops...when it was a mere 6* F outside! The only thing I could think of was that these kids were on their way to Hawaii or Puerto Vallarta or more likely Miami. It is a luxury to be able to escape the winter weather in the Mid-West and they wanted to advertise the fact that they were leaving. They wanted to make sure that everyone was quite aware that they were going somewhere warm, where down jackets, gloves, ski caps and scarves are not needed. Amusing...and exactly what Scott was going for.

And speaking of ski wear and raves, who would not want silver metallic ski pants or a sparkling gold parka? But the part I love the most are the fabulous après-ski boots. I would love a pair just to wear to the market... just for fun. And that is what this collection is: FOR FUN. It is a lighthearted, super-colorful whirl to brighten winter. Scott said he wanted the show to feel like a ramped up Bruce Weber spread and it sure was.

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