Monday, March 23, 2015

BEAUTY: Photography--Kristoffer Axén

The eerie images in Kristoffer Axén's Events In Nature series convey a narrative of foreboding. Axén says,"My main interest is basically to make aesthetically interesting images based on what is underlying and hidden in things – an undefined fear in an otherwise ordinary scene, something off and slightly surreal creeping into the atmosphere. I wanted to make these filmic scenes in which the story itself is quite ordinary, but the mood, the strangeness lies in what is not completely visible – in the light and atmosphere, or in certain details. A feeling of something approaching, both a calmness and a general fear, in a world where the people becomes objects of nature like any other thing, and where the landscape becomes the main focus."

Top to bottom: A Procession; It Will Come From The Shadows; New Nature; Onward We Trudge; Practicing Being At Home; Trail

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