Thursday, June 18, 2015

"St. Jude" and "Ship To Wreck" by Florence + The Machine

Here is "St. Jude" by Florence + The Machine, the second part of the phenomenal story started in her video for "What Kind of Man." If you missed the first video, please see it here and marvel at the layers of meaning, the layers of visuals, the layers of characters and story (and what seems like different time periods), and ultimately the psychological meaning of it all. Just stunning.

And this second part picks up with the same dream-like motifs: the doppelgänger of Florence and the split story line, the expressive reaching dance move, the precious gesture of sharing a breath of life, and the idea of surviving a devastating storm.

Continuing the story with the image of the doppelgänger, rage and chaos within a relationship, and dance moves we have seen in both previous videos, here is "Ship To Wreck."

All songs from her new album, "How Big How Blue."

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