Sunday, January 10, 2016

BEAUTY: Clothing--Sibling

Sibling was a trio of designers--Joe Bates, Sid Bryan, and Cozette McCreery--until the untimely death of Joe Bates this past August from cancer. But Bryan and McCreery are continuing the house with the same sense of humor and whimsy, as I am sure Bates wanted them to. Known for their clever and unusual use of knitwear, this Fall-Winter '16-'17 show at London Collections: Men was consistent with the Sibling ethos. Using boxing as a springboard, the pair concocted a wardrobe and all the accoutrements prize fighters wear: the obligatory large satin robe (here rendered in tricot of course), workout wear, and boxing trunks, and hilariously, knitted boxing gloves, protective headgear and medals and prize belts! They even threw in a punching bag as a knitted travel duffel.

But the color scheme, patterns, and underlying sense of the collection came from an album cover by 1970s-80s disco diva Grace Jones (hence the navy blue V-neck emblazoned with the name "Grace"). McCreery said, "The other person that was a huge influence was [Jean-Michel] Basquiat," a pioneering modern artist from the 1980s, who famously dated an unknown Madonna and ended up collaborating with Andy Warhol. Most of the pieces are lovely fine knit jersey, including the blankets worn as sarongs. But thankfully their out-sized, cartoon-y, chunky knit they are known for showed up at the end of the show.

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