Thursday, January 7, 2016

'Tis The (Fashion) Season

"It's the most wonderful time...of the yeeeeeeeeeeear..."

Regular readers know that I always cover the January and June men's fashion shows. And if you are new to "Oh, By The Way," I will say by way of introduction to the next few weeks, my interest in fashion goes beyond mere clothing. The shows that are coming up represent not just fashion designers but true modern artists. I don't post every single show that happens; instead I am interested in fashion designers who play with concepts, shapes, colors, textures, materials, and by extension, meaning itself. Instead of paint or clay or photography or marble (or a shark in formaldehyde as in the case of Hirst), these modern artists masterfully work with fabrics, leathers, and metals on the human body to express their visions. They create references to time periods past, present and future, to places real and imaginary, to literature, film, and dance, to nature and biology, and to cultures around the globe. It's incredibly exciting and enriching to see the wild, wonderful, beautiful, and sometimes puzzling things these artists bring to life.

Stay tuned:

London Collections: Men
January 8 - 11

Pitti Uomo
January 12 - 15
(A trade show and not runway shows but there is always a guest designer and this year it is Juun J.)

Milano Moda Uomo
January 15 - 19

Paris Fashion Week
January 20 - 24

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