Sunday, April 24, 2016

BEAUTY: Interior Design--Pierce & Ward

This lovely home was designed by interior design team Pierce & Ward. What an eclectic assemblage...a molded Eames chair here, a Moroccan leather pouf there, a splash of Bohemian-style Persian rugs, and a smattering of antique chests and turn of the century cane fauteuils. I love when a home feels not "designed" but "curated"--it is what I strive to do for my own interior design clients. And I know it will be polarizing to some readers, but I confess I really love the striped entry since it reminds me of the interior of the stunning Duomo di Siena in Siena, Italy!


Caroline said...

The stripes are so Dazzle!:

Jeff said...

Hi Caroline!

Thanks SO much for the link! My only knowledge of Dazzle Ships was in WWII, so it was wonderful to learn that they actually originated in WWI...and seeing the fashion was fantastic!

And thanks for being a loyal reader of "Oh, By The Way!"