Monday, April 11, 2016

"The Moment" and "Part of Eve's Discussion" by Marie Howe

In honor of National Poetry Month, I am featuring special poems by special poets each Monday (previously here). Here are two poems, "The Moment" and "Part of Eve's Discussion," by Marie Howe that seem, in essence, to be about the same thing. Poets often work through an idea time and again. I know I have themes and ideas that recur in my own work time and again... and these two poems resonate deeply with my own recurring ideas.

The Moment

Oh, the coming-out-of-nowhere moment

when, nothing


no what-have-I-to-do-today-list

maybe half a moment

the rush of traffic stops.

The whir of I should be, I should be, I should be

slows to silence,

the white cotton curtains hanging still.

Part of Eve’s Discussion

It was like the moment when a bird decides not to eat from your hand,
and flies, just before it flies, the moment the rivers seem to still
and stop because a storm is coming, but there is no storm, as when
a hundred starlings lift and bank together before they wheel and drop,
very much like the moment, driving on bad ice, when it occurs to you
your car could spin, just before it slowly begins to spin, like
the moment just before you forgot what it was you were about to say,
it was like that, and after that, it was still like that, only
all the time.

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