Thursday, July 21, 2016

BEAUTY: Painting--Mark Ryczek

Since we are dealing with the theme of memory, recall, and nostalgia today, here is the touching, distant, gauzy work of artist Mark Ryczek. Each image in his Brooklyn Misremembered series feels like a hazy memory, a snapshot our minds take of relatives homes, childhood rooms, small moments...

Artist's Statement about this series:
"The pieces are inspired by photos taken at a friend’s apartment in Flatbush. They are meditations on small areas that have sparked an interest in me and an attempt to capture my impressions of a typically stark and aged Brooklyn apartment interior, transformed by the slight decorative touches of the inhabitant. My hope is to express both the sheer pleasure of seeing and also to slightly warp what I see as one inevitably warps an experience when they store it to memory. Nostalgia has always fascinated me and these paintings loosely deal with not only with the bittersweet nature of the emotion itself, but the question of why we feel it and why some tend to sentimentalize the past more than others. Is it relative to one’s ability to record detailed information, specifically the dull and/or painful bits? Is it a survival mechanism that propels us forward in the hopes of re-experiencing an imagined past? Or maybe there is no purpose – just another seemingly pointless mental quirk."

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