Monday, July 25, 2016

BEAUTY: Photography--Finn Beales

Welsh photographer Finn Beales likes to go to interesting locations for 72 hours and immerse himself in a milieu in order to photograph all the nuances he sees.

He and his wife recently came to my neck of the woods, Northern California, to photograph a road trip to Lassen State Park and into the glorious redwood forests. But first they flew into SFO to start their trip and of course had to visit the spectacular Marin Headlands overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge (a favorite spot of mine). And they ended their whirlwind trip at the stunning, picturesque beaches in Mendocino County.

I adore my state...

Check out his 72 Hours series on his website to see other beautiful locations around the globe.

Print by Eric Rewitzer and Annie Galvin of Three Fish Studios.

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