Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Koppel's Surrealist Garden

Chicago art dealer Alan Koppel and his wife, interior designer Sherry Koppel, created a marvelous garden at their home in Buchanan, Michigan inspired by and referencing the work of famous Surrealist artists, most notably René Magritte.

The Walled-In Garden off the master bedroom features a window that unexpectedly opens onto a view of a vineyard.

The Koppels stroll with their dogs while a whimsically shaped antique French gazebo rises at the back.

Evergreen topiaries surround Door to Nowhere (designed by Alan Koppel, made by John Lesch, and inspired by an H. C. Westermann sculpture).

Here is the original door sculpture, Little Egypt, by Westermann.

René Magritte-inspired objects stand tall in the garden.

Reminiscent of chess pieces, Magritte himself called these objects bilboquets and they showed up frequently in his work. Below, top to bottom are The Art of Conversation, The Lost JockeyThe Handsome Brooder, and The Annunciation. 

The Koppels planted a lovely double allée of sycamores nine years ago, a perfect spot for a contemplative stroll...

The most direct reference to Surrealist art in the Surrealist Garden is this installation which reconstructs Magritte's famous painting Time Transfixed.

And here is the original Magritte.

Placed at the end of an allée, a vintage iron map frame delineates a distant view in a very Magritte-like moment.

Photos and information from Architectural Digest.

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