Friday, April 14, 2017


In honor of National Poetry Month, here is my original poem, "Pink."


You lie tangled in pink lilies, throbbing reeking blooms,
a thick perfume, exquisite seizures.
Is this the illness or the cure?
Your languid half-sleep rolls toward a
glistening, swollen new world
suffused in warm, rose-colored light.

Lying on the same spot on the other side from you,
surrounded by white scentless flowers paralyzed
in crisp, clear air, I press my ear to the ground,
listening for your heartbeat through the membrane.
If I knock, will you knock back? One for yes, two for no.

Before the globe turns,
before these worlds flip,
before the curtains are drawn
and you make your choice,
tell me you love me,
tell me I mattered.

©JEF 2017

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