Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Poetry of Rock n' Roll: "Big Man Restless"

To observe National Poetry Month, once a week I am featuring lyrics of rock n' roll or pop songs that also double as exquisite poetry.

Back in 1983, British band Kissing The Pink released their debut album, "Naked" which featured a song called "Big Man Restless." Not only was their musical sense unique but their lyrical sense was oblique and enigmatic...

Big Man Restless

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Big Man Restless

There's a big man restless,
Who pushes for humour,
He's so relentless

He's back to back, with no restraint,
He's so relentless, like forty Indians.

Then there's the group
That doesn't move,
To the sound,
To the humour.

No one knows whose friend he is,
He's always there,
He's the big man restless, like forty Indians.

I'm in the third group,
We push for humour,
We're so relentless, like forty Indians.

The legal quarter of tight-lipped men
Pushed for order
And repeat again

Anyway, the lot regarding the funny man,
The big man restless
Are so relentless
They scratch about
And like forty Indians
The lot turn on the funny man,
The big man restless
And what can he say?

If the sun's all gone and we're wafer thin
And we could scratch around in our so frail skin
You could say...
You could say

No flags in here, no cause to wave,
Just the slow, slow scratch in the final cave
You could say...
You could say

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Rafael said...

Their music was awesome and they were really amazing. They are considered as another "new wave" band but I guess they were much more than that.
Thank you for sharing this on your blog.