Sunday, May 7, 2017



How to describe it?

Created by animator David O'Reilly.

Appears like a video game.

Is not a video game as there are no goals.

Is an interactive experience.

Is about...well, everything.

A "player" (to use the term loosely) can explore the universe from the point of view of any living creature or non-living object.

Ambient soundtrack can include audio of lectures by the great philosopher and writer Alan Watts.

Listen to him speak beautifully about "The Game" (of The Universe, not this video game, although it is a perfect explanation of the game as well) while watching a sample of what "Everything" can look like.

"What are you afraid of losing when you die? Yes, everything that you have acquired as an individual and stored in your brain is dissolved and distributed. But at the same time it is equally obvious that when you die, there won’t be following the moment of death everlasting nothingness. So you can become aware of this tremendous interconnectedness of everything. Just as fronts go with backs and tops with bottoms, insides with outsides, solids with spaces, so everything that there is goes together. It makes no difference whether it lasts a long time or whether it lasts a short time. A galaxy goes together with all the universe just as much as a mosquito."
--Alan Watts

To purchase and experience "Everything," visit the website below.

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