Tuesday, June 13, 2017

BEAUTY: Clothing--Misc. London Fashion Week Men's SS'18

Here are some miscellaneous moments from London Fashion Week Men's that stood out for me:

Martine Rose gave her trousers extra waists and belts, not to mention what looks like security wallets peeking up from under a waistband.

Mihara Yasuhiro showed shoes--sneakers and lace-ups--encased in either some kind of plastic film or in metal caging...interesting concept.

Astrid Andersen and her tired basketball clothes took a trip. A safari to be exact, but what ended up on the runway in no way resembled a safari. It was an odd mix of an Asian bird-and-flower print on silk with a Chanel-like tweed. But what caught my eye was the enormous, chunky jewelry on her models. Made for Andersen by the phenomenal Danish jewelry firm Monies, gigantic cut pieces of Brazilian quartz were paired with Philippino acacia wood in bracelets, arm bands, and rings worthy of Rick Owens and Michele Lamy.


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